Are you ready? Are you all in?  Are you prepared to take the next step on your leadership journey?  Join me and other fellow leaders as we connect and play the brand new John Maxwell Team Leadership Game!  Check out the video below for a preview.

This game is like no other leadership tool you have ever experienced before.  This game is a comprehensive resource based on the teachings of leadership expert, John C. Maxwell that will help you and guide you  to become the best leader you can be!


Leader feedback:

“It was fun and I have done some other leadership activities that didn’t turn out so well, the Leadership Game really redeemed me!  The questions on the cards allowed for thoughtful discussion in an efficient way.  We got to the root of their thoughts and suggestions quickly.  My team answered the questions openly and honestly.  It is a great way to get our team connected and talking in a facilitated and fun way.  We got to the root of some of the challenges and things that needed to be discussed.”

——Carrie Rosenfelt, Executive Director, ECDI Northern Ohio

Team Member Feedback:

  • Everyone could share opinions they wouldn’t normally share due to the guided questions.
  • I learned more about my peers and it allowed for more open discussions on topics that will strengthen our culture
  • So impressed with the feedback people gave and how receptive they were to answer the questions. The suspense of what question will be on the card made it fun and all you could do was answer the questions on the card.
  • It is easy to get the conversation going, it is fun and some of the team building just take place naturally when discussing the answers to the questions.
  • I am confident actions will be taken by people who have the ability to make change that never would have happened if we had not played the game.
  • If you want to really know the people you work with….play the game!
  • More engaging than the ‘typical’ team building and lets you go deep enough but keeps it going so you can have fun.