How Neuroscience Will Make You a Better Leader

The more I learn about the brain, the more I agree with the fact that we need to SIMPLIFY things as talent leaders. According to David Rock, "We are seeing an interesting trend to simplify the whole approach to leadership development. So we're getting rid of competencies and focusing on a small, memorable set of expectations for leaders. If people can only recall 3 or 4 ideas easily, having a leadership framework with 7 or 8 categories won't work well. Simplify and focus on what is essential rather than try to do everything."

I integrate these concepts when I work with leaders to develop programs.  The tendency is to want to do EVERYTHING and tell their team everything but it is too much.  We are not wired to focus on multiple things, it splits our focus and when we do this, we choose ourselves what is important.  When this happens, they may be grabbing the lesser important elements.  Ask yourself - what are the 2 to 3 MOST IMPORTANT things that I want my team, my organization or my audience to remember, then focus on that - you will see much better results.

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