Growth doesn’t happen by accident…..

I attended a great Women's Leadership conference in Cleveland yesterday - The Women's Leadership Conference of Northeast Ohio. One of the things Robin Doreschuk encouraged us to do at the end of the conference was to keep the momentum going.

There were so many great insights I gleaned - here are just a few:

  • Kristen Baird Adams and Paul Clark from PNC talked about being intentional about nurturing and cultivating talent - it won't happen on it's own.
  • Barb Singer, Founder, President & CEO of Executive Core discussed the 10 influence styles and reminded us that as women, we often silence ourselves when we have valuable insights to add and encouraged us to speak up, own it and change up how we influence. We tend to overuse consulting (guilty of that) and need to use asserting (10 words or less - my challenge!) more.
  • Yolanda Armstrong, President & CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cleveland reminded us that the #1 key to Resilience is to be Optimistic!
  • Courtney Gras, Executive Director for Launch League, showed us that we are 'all born creative, the problem is that we are all educated out of our creativity - Sir Ken Robinson. She reminded me that focusing on what you really want is a key driver for success. "What is the risk of not taking that risk"?
  • Justine Siegal was my favorite - she made history by becoming the first woman to coach for an MLB organization. She has lots of 'firsts' on her list, her most powerful message for me was that she is just average and 'Average is Enough' - do not wait until you think you are ready - go for it! We are all here on the shoulders of others and Determination and Passion is what will make us great and achieve the dreams we have!
  • Delores Pressley, International Keynote Motivational Speaker and Coach pointed out only 15% of those who listen to speakers actually DO something about it! (I am not going to be in the 85%!) She told us women need to 'Carry others as we Climb' - just like Robin Doreschuk, the founder of the conference has done through her whole career! Delores told us 'Asking' is a sign of strength, not of weakness - ask for what you need!

Reflection for me - being intentional and acting on what you learned is critical for growth to happen. Too many times we attend an event - get excited - get back to work and fall into the same routines. A theme that I heard throughout the presentations were to get a group of people around you - a Board of Advisors or Mastermind Group that will help you think, grow and become amazing....some of you reading this may be getting a call from me shortly!!

I hope this encourages you to reflect on what you have learned that you put 'back on the shelf', reflect and choose ONE THING that you want to implement. Start small - small is BIG - and it takes practicing a new skill at least 90 days before it starts to become a habit.

Happy growing!

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