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Growth doesn’t happen by accident…..

I attended a great Women's Leadership conference in Cleveland yesterday - The Women's Leadership Conference of Northeast Ohio. One of the things Robin Doreschuk encouraged us to do at the end of the conference was to keep the momentum going. There were so many great insights I gleaned - here are just a few: Kristen…
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The CEO and the Elephant in the Room- How to Break Down Silos

I was having a conversation with a CEO the other day and we were talking about their priorities for the remainder of the year. He is focusing on growing the business and fortunately business is booming. The main focus for him right now is his team - getting them all aligned, breaking down their silo-mentality…
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Dear CEO – it takes more than a Vision

One of the most important things that a CEO must do is set the strategic direction for the organization. This includes setting the vision, aligning the strategic plan to support the vision and making sure it is well understood and executed throughout the organization. Most CEOs will spend the right amount of time with their…
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