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The 4 behaviors that set the MOST Successful CEOs apart

I was intrigued by an article in the Harvard Business Review on “What Sets Successful CEOs Apart” and I wanted to share a summary with you.   They found that there were four behaviors that proved critical to their performance.  These findings challenged some previously held assumptions that favored charismatic extroverts, immaculate track records and…
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The 5 Benefits Executives identified from Coaching

In a study conducted with executives, they found 5 benefits that they identified they received from executive coaching as a leadership development strategy.  They are:

  1. Continuous one-on-one attention
  2. Expanded thinking through dialogue with a curious outsider
  3. Self-awareness, including blind spots
  4. Personal accountability for development
  5. Just-in-time learning.

They also identified the factors that play a significant role in creating a successful coaching initiative are: a willing executive, a skilled coach and realistic expectations.

I have personally found these to be true in my own experience coaching executives - it is powerful and the #1 thing in my mind is the executive has to be willing.

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