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Decisiveness – a key differentiator in successful CEOs

Successful CEOs are decisive…they make decisions with speed and conviction. They know a potentially bad decisions is better than a lack of direction. Procrastination is the enemy of decision and something everyone must conquer. The Law of Intentionality says Growth doesn’t just happen…you have to DECIDE and step forward into growth! What decisions are you …

Staying Focused

It is easy to lose focus by getting distracted by shiny objects….squirrel!  Some days I wish I had side blinders like horses because the shiny objects look so cool!  Stay focused…..remember your destination and enjoy the journey!  #focus #goal #leadership

The top 4 qualities of successful CEOs

What makes a great CEO? Elena Botelho and Kim Powell share the secret in their new book…..”The CEO Next Door”. The 4 things are: Decisiveness, Engaging for Impact, Relentless Reliability and Adapting Boldly. Listen and I will share with you the best advice these CEOs shared!

Making Growth a Habit

As a leader, executive coach and a business owner, I know that I can never stop the habit of personal and professional growth – it is too important to my success. I am constantly seeking out ways for me to personally raise the bar so that I can bring more value to those that I …


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